How can I update firmware on a device?


With the help of Arsenal service, you can easily update the firmware on your device and add new functions from home. For this you need to follow next steps:

  1. Register a device on your account. If the device is already added you can skip this step. 
  2. Head over the page “Software update” and choose the device that you need to update. You will see only those devices that support the updating service. f your device is not displayed refer to the guidance or technical support.
  3. If necessary, choose additional functions that you would like to include in the firmware of the device. Additional functions are purchased not once but separately for each device. It means that having purchased the function you will not pay for it with the next update. Without choosing any additional functions the last basic firmware will be installed on the device.
  4. If additional functions that require payment were chosen you will be directed to the checkout page. After the payment the page of new firmware assemblage pens automatically. You will be directed to the page of new firmware assemblage directly in case you did not choose additional functions or all chosen functions are already purchased.
  5. You will get a link to download new firmware after the ending of assemblage process. Download this file and copy it to the memory card.
  6. Insert the memory card into the device and turn it on. Update should happen automatically.