Can I re-update my digital call’s firmware to use Arsenal service?


Yes, it is possible. If you own a digital call of the third generation with a color screen but the version of the firmware does not allow you to use Arsenal service you can send us your digital call to update the firmware at::

163045,Okruzhnoe Shosse 3/1, Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation, 163045. Addressee: "Lema LTD".

Updating the firmware is free of charge. We send the digital call back at our expense if the shipping is first class Russian Post. You pay only for shipping to us.

How can I send a device to update the firmware?

Send us the device that require firmware updating at our address using the most convenient ways of shipping. If you are in Arkhangelsk you can bring the device personally to our office at (Okruzhnoe Shosse 3/1. Tel.: (8182) 297-727)

Optimal ways of shipping:
A) Russian Post (regular mail or express mail of first class)
B) Shipping companies “Business lanes” or “PEK” (shipping to Arkhangelsk)

Addressee: LTD “Lema” Address: Okruzhnoe Shosse 3/1, Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation, 163045
(Tel.: (8182) 297-727 TIN 2901152242 (for shipping companies))

It is required to attach a document with contact information(download the form)

For efficiency we recommend that you monitor the shipping yourself. Please call us after 3-5 days of status updated to “Delivered” on a website of a shipping carrier (Russian Post, shipping company or courier company) whether we have received the device. You can contact with us in any convenient for you way.